Career Fair FAQ

Oct 18, 2016

Don't worry if you still have questions for the Career Fair! We've asked some of the most frequently asked questions to the Career Fair organizing team to help you arrive to WCF confident and prepared.

How many companies will be attending the Career Fair?

Approximately, 24 companies will be attending the Career Fair. But make sure you pick out the ones you are the most interested in to visit first!

When is the best time to attend the Career Fair?

Any time between 10 am and 4pm, but beware of the peaks between 12 pm and 1 pm and between 3 pm and 4 pm.

How should I prepare for the Career Fair?

Have a shortlist of companies you think you may want to work for. Prepare a set of intelligent questions about the company. Get your resume ready. Go out there and make a good impression, and ensure you get their contact info to open the route for more meaningful follow up conversations in the future.

What should I talk about to recruiters? What is a good first question to ask?

A good first talking point can be what you're interested in about the company, what makes you special, or why you stand out. The aim is to make an enjoyable conversation not just about yourself, but about the employer and the company too.

What should I do when companies tell me to apply online?

You can apply online, but it always helps to find someone who may have worked at the company before, or who is right now, and talk to them about the company. That might present a better way to apply.

What should I expect get out of the Career Fair?

You go in with the mindset to explore the kinds of jobs that are out there. Most first years don't quite know yet what they want out of their career, so the best way to figure that out is by speaking with industry professionals and asking them specific questions about the types of skills they're looking for!

What should I do after the Career Fair?

Pretend the company does end of year reviews for the position you want to apply for. Ask yourself, what projects or work could I have done during the year to get an excellent review? Now you know how to get started!

Also, if you feel that you've had a particularly good conversation with a recruiter, follow up with them saying something that made you memorable and continue to have a conversation.