Quick Interview Guide

Nov 28, 2016

Before the Interview

Research the company

• Who is interviewing you?

• What is the position you are interviewing for?

• What qualities/skills are they looking for?

• What are the company values?

List your relevant skills

• Which of my skills fall in line with the company values?

• Which of my extracurricular activities will be relevant and how do they relate to this job?

• Know your resume in and out, they may ask about anything?

Predicted questions & answers

• Is it a technical or behavioral interview?

• Be prepared for standard questions like “Why are you interested in this position?,” “What do you know about our company?,” “What are your strengths?,” and “Tell me about yourself.” (more sample questions included in the end)

• Check out websites like http://www.glassdoor.ca which have interview questions from a variety of companies and positions.

Prepare questions for your employer

• This shows your interest in the position and your knowledge of the company. Always have a few questions ready for them!

Practice makes perfect

• Review with friends and family.

• Find students who have worked at the company before and ask them about their experience.

• Get comfortable with explaining your achievements and relating them to the job/skill set the company is seeking.

During the Interview

Come dressed appropriately

Be prepared

• For in-person interviews, come early and make sure you know exactly where you’re going ahead of time.

• Book a room for a phone interview, and have your computer open to your preparation document if you want something to refer to.

Calm your nerves

• Don’t let yourself get too nervous before you have your interview, the hour before listen to a song you like or play a game on your phone.

• Don’t over stress yourself by revising a preparation document or over practicing right before you go in.

Be concise

• Don’t ramble in your answers!

Ask when/how follow up will occur

After the Interview

Follow up!

Reflect Upon Your Performance

• Every interview is a learning tool. Write down how you felt after the interview and what you feel you need to improve upon, and use it for the next time!

Potential Questions

You may be asked some, many or none of these questions depending on the company and interviewer. Some go more for timed aptitude tests or just want to see if you will get along with people and obey your boss. Not every interview will go the same way since every interviewer is different!

List of Typical Questions

· Tell me about yourself.

· Describe yourself in 5 (10, 15 whatever) words or less.

· What have you been doing since your last job? (after you have work experience).

· What are your expectations from our company and your desired career path/progress?

· Where can you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

· Tell us what you know about this position? How well prepared are you for this position? (show that you know something about the company). Check the company out thoroughly and if they have very little posted on their web page then do a search of their products, reviews, financial postings, technology etc. You can even check out similar companies for information.

· What is your "ideal" manager or leader like?

· How would an ideal manager make you successful? How would you make him or her successful?

· Give us an example of how you would handle disagreements in the workplace?

· Do you use a proactive or reactive approach to problem management? (always proactive).

· Give an example of how you would make project and leadership decisions in the workplace?

· Give an example of a time you had to work in a team

· Are you more comfortable working in a team environment or on your own?

· What is your dream job?

· Give an example of how you would manage multiple tasks? (looking for people who can multi-task and find out about priorities).

· What are your strengths?

· What are your weaknesses? (Try to think of a real weakness, and then list steps you are taking to work on them)

· Give an example of how you handle criticism?

· Give an example of how you work under pressure?

· Give an example of a time you demonstrated creative thinking

· Are there any questions you would like to ask us?

· Try to think of at least one or two questions to ask the interviewer, such as questions about the company culture, the kinds of projects interns have worked on in the past, etc.