What We Do

The You’re Next Career Network differentiates ourselves by our commitment to streamlining the university recruitment process. Our understanding of event operations, marketing channels, and the student body at the University of Toronto ensures that you are able to maximize your reach. Our events draw students from all over the University of Toronto to connect 1 on 1 with employers through our two flagship career fairs and our specialized Company Spotlight Events.

Career Fair

The You’re Next Career Fairs are held annually on campus and attract top students from all faculties at the University of Toronto. With over 100 companies and 5000 attendees expected this year, the You’re Next Career Fair enhances your campus presence, expands recruitment opportunities, and connects you to the right talent.

Startup Career Fair

The Startup Career Fair is the largest of its kind in Canada, with over 80 startups in attendance. It strives to create a bridge between students and startups; providing students with valuable insight into the unique culture of the startup world, and startups with the channel to engage with entrepreneurial students.

Company Spotlight Events

Limited to only our top companies, Company Spotlight Events are customized experiences that allow for the most in-depth interactions with our students. The You’re Next team will work closely with you to build a unique event that goes beyond a typical information session and attracts the best talent that suits your company.

Reaching Students

Each year YNCN works hard to bring more students together with employers in a variety of formats. In the past year, we have engaged over 6000 students with backgrounds such as engineering, business, arts and sciences.

Reaching Students

The You’re Next Career Network reaches over 6,000 students every year through our 3 major career fairs, our company spotlight events and our student development workshops!


Based in the heart of Toronto, the You’re Next Career Network’s reach spans thousands of students in a city rich with young, driven, minds.

Programs We Reach

The You’re Next Career Network caters not only to a diverse body of engineering students, but also a significant group of computer science and business students.

Past Partners

Corporate Partners

In the past, the You’re Next Career Network has partnered with major organizations such as PepsiCo, Shell, Tesla, Amazon and Deloitte, and continues to extend its reach.

Startup Partners

Providing an insight for students like none other into the world of startup companies. Hosting over 80 companies in fields ranging from tech to healthcare, the Startup Career Fair presents exciting startups such as Nymi, Weebly, and Eventmobi.

Community Organizations

Committed to strengthening the bond between students and their Engineering community, YNCN works with faculty and a variety of reputable organizations to bring students the resources they require

Partner With Us

If you are interested in working with us or attending one of our events, please contact us at contact@yourenext.ca!