When should I start looking for internships for the summer?

In all cases, the earlier you start looking, the better off you’ll be! That being said, it’s also never too late to start looking. Even if you right before, or during, the summer, it’s still possible to find opportunities!

My grades aren’t the best, do I have any chance at finding a summer job?

Don’t worry! It is not uncommon for companies to ignore academics, and select students who have a sufficient set of extracurricular activities. Moreover, it’s also possible to gain an edge over other applicants through networking with people who work within the company!

Can I apply to a job if I have the skills, but im not in the specified discipline?

Yes! You shouldn’t be afraid to apply for positions that ask for engineering students in a different discipline. Often times, companies don’t know the specific differences between the disciplines so it can cause communication issues between the company and the applicant pool. Further, even if you don’t have ALL the requirements, you can still apply! At worst, you won’t get the job. At best, you landed an internship!

I’m in first year. Do people even hire first years?

Even though you have received a very limited amount of knowledge in first year, there are still companies (both corporations and startups) as well as research professors who are seeking out younger students to fulfill roles. Seek and you shall find!

Summer is here, I didn’t get a job. Should I wait until school starts again?

Absolutely not. There are opportunities to seize other than job and research positions! Joining clubs and volunteer initiatives helps to build your resume, and more importantly, your interpersonal and professional skills!

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